General Clinic Info

Every horseman can be a better horseman. We believe that there are always new things to learn. Our instructors are happy to share their knowledge and understanding of horses. Our guarantee is that every student who comes to an NRS Event with a willingness to listen will go home with at least one thing they can employ to be better than before they came. Based on the great response we receive from each clinic and our multiple clinic attendees, we are convinced people learn something each time they come.

Each clinic tuition includes breakfast and lunch each day of the clinic, as well as one stall for your horse. Extra meals and stalls can be reserved for an additional fee. We also have lodging available if you’re traveling far. The clinics are from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day and start off with groundwork, advance to machine dummies, then advance to live cattle.

Trailer Hook-Ups $25 per night
Lease Horses $400 per 3 day clinic or $150 per day
Stalls (if not in clinic) $25 per night
Extra Stall for clinic student $50 per clinic
Guest Meals $8 breakfast, $10 lunch
Bunkhouses $80 per night with tax
Cabins $110-$200 per night with tax

Mission Statement
“NRS Events is dedicated to providing an educational environment where people can attain a higher level of horsemanship knowledge in conjunction with improving their skill level in the events they enjoy.”

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