Stacey Martin Next Level Goat Tying Clinic


Goat tying has become one of the most competitive events in rodeo today with competitors routinely tying in 7 seconds or less. With 20 years of experience in education and coaching champions at all levels of competition, Stacey Martin and the Next Level instructors can teach your child how to make fast and consistent runs. Next Level Goat Tying Clinics use easy to follow drills to break down each part of the run and teach students the skills required to make those winning runs.

In addition to claiming state and regional championships across the country, students from Next Level Goat Tying Clinics have won 3 out of the last 4 NHSRA Goat Tying Championships and 4 out of the last 5 Southern Region NIRA championships. Students at our NRS clinic will experience 3 days of tying with Next Level Goat Tyers such as back to back NHSRA Champion Mia Manzares, 3 time CNFR Qualifiers and NIRA Southern Region Champions Kirsten Smith and Lauren Hansen, 2017 THSRA Champion Shyanne Bauerle, 2017 NJHSFR Reserve World Champion Anna Williams and many more!

This is our 4th Stacey Martin Clinic and the first this year. Over the course of this 3 day clinic students will cover approach to the goat, flanking, tying, and dismounting. In addition to learning the drills for mastery of these skills, students will spend time with a personal trainer to learn speed and agility drills to develop the athleticism required for Goat Tying. Bringing a horse is encouraged but required as we will have dismounting dummies available to students. Students who are able to bring their horses will receive instruction and horse training from the top trainers in the country. This clinic will also address developing the competitor’s mindset which is required to be successful in rodeo and there will be discussion with parents on how they can help their children succeed both inside and out of the arena.

This clinic includes a stall for the nights of the clinic and student breakfasts and lunches the days of the clinic with any paid tuition.

Basic Clinic Itinerary:

8 am- 5 pm
Video Critiques Daily
Dummy Dismount with Mia 2-Time CNFR Champion
Bits for Breakfast Seminar
Saddle Fitting for the Fastest Time and the Fittest Horse

Next Level Goat Tying is excited to bring a truly unique clinic experience to the beautiful NRS Event Center!


Goat Tying Clinic Packet


February 21-23, 2020

Goat Tying Clinic:


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