Beginner Team Roping Clinic


The Beginner Team Roping Clinic is for those learning to ride and rope for the first time. You’ll gain the basic fundamentals of heading and heeling: Position, Swing, Target and Delivery.

The clinics start on Friday Morning with an introduction into rope handling skills and basic fundamentals. Saturday and Sunday are focused on rope handling skills on the ground and horseback with the sleds. You’ll will be videoed and reviewed. We’ll develop a custom lesson plan to help you progress. All in a safe and family oriented format so, don’t leave anyone at home. A full three Days of learning to rope and ride. One student stall is included with this clinic tuition. This clinic begins with check-in at 8:00am on January 17th in the NRS Ranch Cafe and then will continue Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm daily.

3 Days of Heading and Heeling Instruction

Rope Handling
Saddle Fitting
Bits for Breakfast
Groundwork Video Critique
Sleds from Horseback Video Critique
Lead Steer Session
Rope Your First Live Steer

Registration Fee $450
Includes: Breakfast & Lunch Daily
1 Stall/Additional Stalls $25 per night
NRS Gift Rope
NRS Gift Glove

Lease Horses Available
Bring Your Own Horse

Beginner Team Roping Clinic Packet


February 28-March 1, 2020

COST: $450


Limited to 16 students.


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