Meet David and Sonia Seaberry

Since 2002, Sonia and David Seaberry have co-owned SoDa Corporate Cuisine LLC, dba SoDa’s Café. SoDa’s Café is a family owned, corporate dining food management company.  SoDa’s offers a specialized food service to the corporate sector by providing on-site food options in corporate settings.  David is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, while Sonia offers support with developing new recipes and marketing.   In addition to the NRS location, they currently have two other locations, their largest in Irving at the Nokia corporate office and a second location in Dallas at Mockingbird Towers.  Their corporate mission:   Provide high quality, convenient, good-for-you food to hardworking professionals with excellent customer service and an inviting dining experience.

Between the two of them, they have over 40 years of food service experience encompassing institutional food service, food distribution, food service management, children nutrition programs and meal production.  

Family, friends and food are very important to Sonia and David.  Many of their made from scratch recipes come from the personal cookbooks of their family, friends and employees.  God and community are also very important to them, which is why they are committed to acknowledging their blessings and giving back to the community.  Periodically, David and Sonia will choose a local charity which is important to them and contribute a portion of the profits from SoDa’s.  They hope to continue that practice with the NRS Ranch Café as well.

Sonia points out, “Having healthy, ‘clean’ food is very important to us. You will notice that we will begin replacing store-bought versions of items, with our own made from scratch recipes.  We have already started serving our own home made salsa and pico de gallo and everyone seems to really like these changes.”

“We will continue to be open Tuesday thru Friday when there are weekly arena events scheduled, plus open for large weekend events as well.  We are refining and improving our catering menu so that we can begin to expand the catering opportunities for NRS Ranch.  We also have a long-term future vision, along with David Isham, of bringing a “Ranch to Table”, family-style restaurant to the NRS Ranch complex,”  stated David.  “As NRS Ranch becomes a destination, we want to be able to meet all the onsite food needs of the customers and the employees.”

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