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2017 NRSTRTC Entry Information Needed

For each team you will need the following information:

First and Last Name
Full Street Address
Email Address
Cell #
Date of Birth
Member #

First and Last Name
Full Street Address
Email Address
Cell #
Date of Birth
Triad #


General Information

  • November 3-5, 2017- Roping starts promptly! at 7 pm Friday, 9 am Sat 10 am Sunday... there will be no Rolls
  • #9 & #8 Incentive
  • #9 Capped at 5E
  • #8 Capped at 4E
  • Average Winners of the #9 Sunday Finals Take home brand new James Wood Diesel Crew Cab Dually Pickups and NRS Custom Silver Belt Buckles
  • #8 & #9 Champions and Reserve winners will take home beautiful NRS Custom Silver Buckles
  • 3rd place through 8th place in both #8 & #9 will take home a beautiful NRS Custom Silver Buckle
  • #8 Incentive Roping Champions: $2,500 NRS Trophy Saddles
  • Only valid/ current Triad Memberships are eligible to enter
  • Memberships available onsite
  • George Strait Style Team Roping: Every team ropes their first steer in round 1 on Friday night and their second steer in Round 2 on Saturday. Top 50 teams on 2 head and 20 Wild Card Teams come back on Sunday for a 3 head roping.
  • Accepting 500 Teams
  • 5 Time Entry Limit per Person
  • $800.00 per Team to be paid in full at time of entry
  • No Deposits or half entries
  • First to enter, last to rope both days
  • Wild Card teams in short go will be the fastest 10 teams from the first and second rounds that did not qualify on two. If a team is a fast team and makes it to the short go in the top 50, then the next fastest team from that round advances as a Wild Card.
  • There will be 70 teams in the short go that start over with a clean slate. 
  • World Series Barrier
  • PRCA Crossfire Rule, steer must be in tow.
  • No Refunds on Stalls, Hookups, or Lodging within 14 days prior to event (Friday October 20, 2017) or during event unless number is bumped, medical, or vet release
  • Two night minimum on all lodging, stalls, and hookups
  • Books open at 8 am October 9, 2017 online and close online Thursday November 2, 2017 at 8 pm
  • Late Onsite Entries open at Noon on Friday November 3 at NRS Arena and close at 4 pm on Friday November 3 with a $50.00 per man late fee per team ($100.00 total)
  • Cash only for onsite entries
  • PRCA: (Hat, Long Sleeve Button Down, Jeans, Western Boots) Dress Code in Effect
  • Draw outs only allowed if your number is bumped or you have an NRS approved medical or vet release.
  • NRS will retain $100 per person or $200.00/ team for NRS approved qualifying draw outs
  • No outside shavings allowed- You can purchase hay and shavings from the NRS Feed Store
  • No tie outs allowed- We will, however, allow safe, well maintained, portable corrals
  • 5 Second Barrier
  • 5 Second Leg Penalty
  • 3 Round short go
  • Short go clean slate
  • Non- Progressive
  • No roper age limit
  • Current Coggins required for all horses to be admitted on property
  • Enter exactly as shown on form or entry is not valid and will be canceled- You will lose your entry position
  • Enter more than 5 times and any extra entries will be canceled immediately You will lose your entry position
  • Final draw will determine order of go
  • All A team late/ onsite entries will rope first both days
  • All winners will be required to complete a W-9 prior to the receipt of any winnings
  • All entrants will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to competing
  • NRS reserves the right to all final decisions